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Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing and playing!

So back in 2006, I had to create a small (8" x 11") self portrait for our Complex Cloth Fiber group.  As I've stated and shown! I'm not good at drawing so for that self portrait I took my high school photo and a current photo hubby took and combined them to make my self portrait.  It was called "now and then"...figures, right!

These were the two pics I used to make the piece above.

I did finished my self portrait for the Art Quilts Around the World challenge but can't show it until January 31st!  At least it's finished and I didn't use any photos of myself!  Whew! 

Now onto playing....below are some of the stamping and playing I did yesterday.  I don't care for any of them, with the exception of the stamped red fabric piece...but it was fun to play. 
 This was using gel medium through stencil...

So back to the drawing board!  I am getting some other ideas spinning in my head so I'll have to try those next.  I'm really over hearts and doodles for Valentines fiber cards.  Now to come up with something else!


  1. I love what you did with the photos!

  2. Your self portrait of 2006 is extremely clever and well done. It will be fun to see the newest version you have created. Very cute Valentine hearts. Happy Stamping...

  3. That photo combo was such a creative idea! I'd know you anywhere. I like the hearts.


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