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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping and reading!

No, this isn't me but it sure felt like me today! Christmas shopping! Whew! I actually ordered quite a few items online the past two days as well but still had to go out in the world of shoppers! Not least for me. I'm not a shopper...except! There's always an exception isn't there! When we are in Florida I have to admit my friend, Carol, and I do go shopping, lots! It's fun really and even if I don't buy anything I do admit that I have a good time. It's actually more fun to have Carol buy things...funny, this happened a few weeks ago, with my friend here in Michigan named Carol too. I helped her spend lots of money!

I was looking through some of my old digital photos trying to reorganize and thought I'd drop another in my post for today. This is a piece of sunprinting and stamping I did using Setacolor paints. I cut up the panels and inserted the pink fabric, which was also stamped with Setacolor.
If you look closely the pink leaf (there's more on the whole quilt) that looks fuzzy is actually some fabric tracing paper I dyed then stitched on during the free motion quilting part. I just ripped it away from the stitching to get the leaf appearance. The fabric tracing paper is just like an interfacing (heck, maybe it really is just that!) and dyes up great. I liked each of the panels and thought I'd just put them together in this offset manner. It actually hangs quite well which was a surprise. I thought for sure it wouldn't!

So now on the the latest good read I have found! I picked up a large print book the other day and I'm having a hard time putting it down! I'm reading it while watching TV at night! It's called 'the Outlander' by Gil Adamson. This is her first book but I'd highly recommend it. It takes place in 1903 and tells the story of a widow (only because she knocked off her husband! But in the beginning you just don't know why yet) and her trials and tribulations. A really interesting book I'd highly recommend. I'm almost finished listening to 'The Virgin of Small Plains' which is a mystery and again a good book. My friend, Mary, recommend this one to me and I'm on the last chapter now. Very good...yep, I have one more I'm listening to which is on a Play away from the library, called 'Left To Die'...another mystery and helps me on my walks and cleaning! I don't live in a fantasy world all the time! I did read 'Superfreakonomics ' which was REALLY an eye opener! So guess I'll go and read some more of the Outlander! Still no snow and it was 45 at one point today with lots of sun! I just know the snow and cold is coming.....ugh

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