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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Date night and some more doodling

I just got back from my overnight with kids for our 'date night' (actually, it's Kris and Darrin's date night!). I'll be posting pics tonight or tomorrow...I had a GREAT time. Dawn had the kids and I over for chicken fajitas on Sat. which were WONDERFUL!!! We did stop and pick up a pizza for Nick but that was ok..more fajitas for us to eat!! It was so nice to spend time with Dawn and Jeff along with the grand kids!!! Thanks for another fantastic meal, Dawn!!! The past two date nights have been really special for me!!

Today Darrin and Kris, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Jeff took us to Kruse and Muer for breakfast with Santa! What food!! I think I've eaten enough this weekend for an entire week!!! That too was a surprise from the kids! Thanks again for breakfast, Darrin and Kris!! And for the extra 5 lbs. I gained just this a.m.!! Darrin was taking Nick off the the gym for all the food he ate! I should have gone with them.

So here's some more doodling I did this past week.

Can you tell I'm still on this feather kick!

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