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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amber's School Concert

Busy week preparing for Christmas, Florida departure and just normal 'stuff'! Mandy had her dental cleaning on Wed. (you know we have to take advantage of our senior discount days).

Thursday was Amber's school concert and talk about excitement! I do have to say the music teacher is great at her school! I've seen a few of the concerts and she does a great job with all the kids. They are all so enthusiastic!

On a side note, Thursday a.m. I had a phone call from the school stating Amber wanted the school to call me and let me know the concert was starting at 2:30 instead of 2:45. The principal said "what a responsible grand daughter you have"! Wasn't that special!!! Next, I was already seated in the gym when Amber came in the room. As soon as she saw me she started waving, then she went to her music teacher and next thing she came running to my seat and gave me a huge hug!! Of course, the tears started flowing from me but I didn't have anyone to say "what a sweetheart"...probably the other mothers, dads, etc. figured I was just a sappy senior! Which I am!!! And darn proud of it! Memories......

Amber is in the Santa hat (white trim) to the left of the teachers arm. Amber was so cute and just sung her heart out!!
These next two pics are the teachers putting on a skit. What a hoot! Check out the 'lady' in the green dress! You could tell they all had a blast putting this on for the kids.

At the end of the teachers performance the kids were screaming, clapping and throwing their Santa hats in the air. It was like a huge sugar rush of 100+ kids!
And here's the singers in action!! Good job, Amber!!!

It was a really nice concert! Afterwards, kids and I went back to their house to wait for dad. The kids made grandpa BD cards which were adorable!! I'll have to take pics and post...they are special for sure.

Today I'm off to kids in the afternoon for date night and I'll stay overnight. That way kids can take their time and perhaps finish shopping, enjoy a dinner and maybe a movie.

On a fiber note...I did finish the knitted scarf which turned out quite nice and I made (so far) a total of 14 fiber cards for Valentines. My CCC fiber group Valentines are in the envelope and ready to mail so that's behind me. Also, note the widget on my sidebar for the '3 Creative Studio 2010 Challenge'.....yep, I signed up for it!! Go figure!!! Heck, who wants to sit and eat bon bons and watch TV! Not me!!! The challenge looks interesting and you only create one quilt every two months based on a new theme they present. Good way to try different techniques. I'll be posting pics on progress....and yes, I worked on my BJP last night. I finished one whole pine needle branch. So off to get some work done before being a babysitting grandma!

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