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Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Christmas pics

My daughter is holding a round robin quilt that we participated in a few years ago! 2000! There was a group of us, mainly out of state, and we were called the Postal Quilters because we had to mail each round robin back and forth monthly. Each year we did a round robin and in 2000 we each did a Christmas row. Dawn had given me the quilt to finish for her a few years ago but I forgot all about it!! She mentioned to me a month ago that's one gift she wanted so I did quilt it. It's really quite a nice quilt and I think there were 8 or 9 rows..can't remember how many of us there were! I'm sure she'll enjoy it for the rest of the holidays. Yep, that's our Mandy girl sleeping next to Dawn.
We didn't get to see Bob's son, Ron, and family but when they were up for Thanksgiving Mary Jo (Ron's wife) showed me some checkbook covers she was making. Now MaryJo doesn't quilt and in fact doesn't really sew. She has her mom's old Singer Featherweight and used it to create these checkbook covers for her sisters and daughter for Christmas. I'm so impressed that she took the time to read the pattern and followed it! Aren't they cute! There's even a sleeve for a pen! Nice Job, MaryJo!!!
The zebra printed one I think is for Kayla, MJ's daughter (our grand daughter!).

Here's a yule log that Dawn made and it was really good...great filling and frosting was superb!

Amber was showing me how to take a picture of yourself in the mirror! She actually is pretty good at it...that's me in the doorway 'learning'!

Of course Nick had to take a picture or two as well. He chose to take a pic of his dad! I'd say it was a closeup!

Any my kids!! I love them all!!!
Nick modeling the sweat outfit Auntie bought him. Kids just loved these!
And our beautiful little girl modeling hers as well. Auntie even had their names embroidered on the sweat jackets. Yes, that's a golf picture in the background. We're down in our family room also known as the 'golf room' . There are golf balls in cabinets all over and a putting green and golf clubs. It's Bob's golf course away from home!
So we are all packed up and ready for our trip tomorrow. Alarm system is all set up and working great! Nice to know that's in place. Our neighbors are great about taking care of our house as well. It rained most of Christmas Day and today we had a few snow showers and some sun. No accumulation which is nice for folks traveling.
So this will be my last post for a few days...hopefully, I have some projects to start posting about!


  1. Great pictures of everyone... it is fun to get a glimpse of Dawn's RR quilt... would love to see the whole thing. Do you remember that you had mine last and when I got mine back it was quilted and finished?!?!!? That was so nice of you and so very appreciated. I still hang it at the holidays every year! :)


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