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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow? Not yet

OK, so this isn't really a picture of the snow we got last night...but it is what the weather man predicted! HA The temp is now dropping so our rain is turning to freezing rain and we are suppose to get more snow tonight. We'll see if it happens or not.

So I'm still playing with doodling (along with knitting) at night. Last night I knitted and the night before made two more doodles...this one isn't quite right since the areas are a little off but gave me some ideas for what I want to do.

This is another one that I think could be perfected to something really nice..again, it's floral looking to me! Just needs some flowers to put in the 'basket'.
So I'm set on my BJP2010 and keeping with the 'art of nature' theme, size will be 8 1/2" x 11" and will combine zentangles/doodling along with the beading. I printed out this piece yesterday and it will be my January BJP. Not sure I'll get started on it here or in Florida but at least I have my first journal piece decided on.
Back in October I posted about a stamp I won (see post here) from Ruthie Powers. I love this little stamp and asked Ruthie if I could scan in and enlarge it. Ruthie agreed (as long as I'm not selling any works). So I did enlarge and scanned in, printed out and now I'm playing with her stamp for one of my BJP journal pieces. It's a cool stamp and between filling possibly with some 'doodling' and beading I think it will also make a cool journal piece. This one is a Florida project for sure.
So off to finish up my Christmas cards. Seems each year I get later and later in sending them out. When I worked, they were always mailed by Thanksgiving! Now that I'm retired it's not very high on my 'to do' list! Now if sewing was involved they would probably get finished quicker! Hmmmm Does that mean I need to make my cards next year? NOT!


  1. I love the new doodles. I hope you will post more pictures of these. They are very fun.

  2. Robbie,
    That is funny how we both are doing Zentangles for our BJP for 2010. What do you think the chances would be. The must be perfect for you since many of the patterns look similar to existing quilt patterns.

    They are a lot of fun to do. I can't wait to see what all you do with yours.

    Can I ask where you got your inexpensive book with patterns? I will have to look online for the videos to see what else I can learn.

    Have a great Christmas and Happy BJP Year, ~Angie


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