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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great night out!

Here are the 'fab five'...should be the 'sensational six' but since LoisAnn moved to Italy there were only five of us at Mary's exhibit reception. We should have put Mary in the middle but we didn't!
Start with front row: Karen and Judy. Back row: Mary, me and Carol. You can see some of Mary's work in the background. Her exhibit looked fantastic all hung together.
So before I show more at the's what we had for dessert (we met for dinner prior to the reception). Karen and I split this chocolate layered cherry cake...ok, I ate all mine and Karen only had a bite or two then took hers home.

This was Judy's and I think it was a rum pound cake?? Everyone said it was really good!

Carol had the turtle cheesecake. Don't they all look great! We ate at Blackstone's downtown Flint and it's our 2nd time at meeting there for dinner. Really good food and good size portions.

See I did eat all my cake! But I did take home some of my dinner..a good trade off, right!

Some shots of the ladies chatting..again, click on pic and you can see some of Mary's art work.

The pottery/ceramic piece shown here was huge! It also cost $14,000!! Yep, but pieces were also sold separately. There really were some interesting art work at the exhibit but it was hard to get more pics with people milling around.

Next door to the gallery is Page's Book Store where a lady who works with Carol was singing. Her name is Bonnie and she did a good job. She's more of a folk singer but she does write all her songs and plays guitar. This is Bonnie and I have a short video of her singing.

We did have a really nice evening and Mary's work got some nice comments. I was trying to be that 'fly on the wall' and listen in! I did get to hear some of the comments which were all good! Guess next time I won't stand around and talk but mingle and listen! That's what a real friend would do, right!

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