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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No art work for awhile

Well, with packing and getting ready for holiday cheer! I won't be posting any artwork until after the 1st of the year. Actually, all my hand work, quilting supplies along with dyes and paints are packed up. I've been trying to finish Dan Brown's latest book The Symbol at night so I don't need any hand work. I have to turn in the book today and I'm just about finished. It's a good book and a quick read due to his writing style, which I love. I did want to post some pics from our date night which I posted about. I enjoyed the time with all the 'kids' so much (yes, Jeff, you are one of the kids too!).
Of course kids had to play in the snow! I tried to stay in doors to take the pics but I finally had to go outside and get some shots.

Who rides their scooter or skateboard (yes, I have a pic of Nick on that too!) in the snow!
Nick had snow in his ear. We were laughing so hard...really funny.


Auntie made a great Mexican dinner for us...yes, that's a pizza box in the middle of the table. Nick is a pizza guy!

Nick is deep in thought painting a clay ornament.
And Amber is so careful about painting or doing any craft. She always does a nice job.

Then we started on our gingerbread houses Auntie bought the kids to make. What a mess..but what a memory to have!! Thanks for that too, Auntie!

Amber and Auntie worked on her house and it turned out just perfect! Last year when the kids and I did this our houses kept falling down...hmmmmm I work better with a hot glue gun, which is what I should have used!

This is Nick's house (and yes, I helped him!)...he decorated it just as he wanted. Nice job, Nick.

Amber's finished house.

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