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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now on to beading

So my Valentine fiber post cards are all finished! Well, at least 10 of them are! I can make the rest while I'm in Florida. I almost finished with the knitted scarf..about 3/4 of the way.

So last night I started beading on my BJP for January. I'm using bugle beads for the pine needles. The bottom of the piece is a small bit of doodling or McTavishing! And that will be beaded in areas as well. My next BJP's will have more of the doodling/zentangle work on them. This one won't have much but it's a start.

It's hard to see the beads but they are only on the left side so far. I'm using 3 different color of greens which I hope will blend in. This was a left over piece of sky dye fabric by Mickey Lawler that I bought in Houston way back in 2002! I have enough to face the piece with but that will take care of this scrap of fabric!

I can't believe we'll be leaving in less then two weeks!! There seems to be so much to do but none of it related to getting ready to pack for Florida! Had lots of errands to run today and tomorrow Mandy girl gets her 6 month teeth cleaning. I'll try to get some things finalized then. Thursday I'm going to pick up kids after watching Amber's concert at school. Then I had date night on Sat. Well, off to bead, read and/or knit! My usual nighttime activity!

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