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Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to Zentangles

Awhile back I posted (here) on Zentangles. It's a fancy word for doodling but quite a lot of fun. I've been doing a lot of machine work during the day on sewing projects that I can't show due to gifts. Hence, I decided at night I'd start doing some more Zentangles. In fact, I got the bright idea that perhaps for the BJP 2010, I'd do some sort of a quilted Zentangle and then fill in with beads. There are several quilt artists out there that are using a similar technique for their quilt work or journaling.
I did this one last night while watching reruns on TV. I wouldn't make this into a quilt but it was fun to kill time doing something!

This one I think is my inspiration for the BJP 2010 as the leaves are floral and I'd like to keep with the 'art of nature' theme. I'm thinking of doing a 6" Square with a circle inside and incorporate some type of nature in the circle for the doodling. I'm going to play with putting a flower in the center of a circle to see if it works. That's my TV work for tonight. Hopefully, I'll have some hand stitching to do on my projects by this weekend. If not, the doodling will work for me.
We did have our first 'official' snow fall early this a.m. Nothing to write home about but it was snow and it's still on our deck. Mandy and I had her day 'job' today at the school but due to Dr. apt. I was only able to stay for the 1st session. The kids are so cute and the stories they read are actually interesting! Of course, Mandy does fall asleep but I'm entertained.
So off to do research on some flowers that might be adaptable for doodling!


  1. I like both, but the second would definitely quilt up very nicely!
    I hate to admit I was a slug last evening and just sacked out on the couch with blanket and book.
    I should have been at the very least, producing a few ATCs.... ;)
    Good work!



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