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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting to our new home

Yep, this was the inside of our car on our 'haul'!
This pic is of the birds strapped in! Both birds travel so well. We're really lucky they do!
This was at one of our breaks. Mandy was right back in her seat...the birds sit next to her so I think they keep each other company.

Our first night in the hotel room...birds settled in.

And Mandy ready for bed! Is she a sleepy girl or what!
Each year we always stop in Macon to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Azeteca
This is the best Mexican food ever! We happened upon it by chance our first year and now we plan our route to have dinner. It's only 1/2 mile from our hotel room.

We were lucky enough to have 2 for 1 Margarita's and a great waitress named Mary 'G'. You can see my drink and Bob's in the background. His was half full..ok, half empty! The make the best drinks too!
Our waitress was great and we didn't even have to ask for refills...anyway, after having a lot of conversation with our waitress on how we always stop she came back to our table with 'on the house' tequila shots! I'm sure we were a sight...two old folks hitting back a shot! It was a very nice gesture and Mary said her way of thanking us for always stopping by. Yes, she got a VERY big tip...she was well worth it too!

Yep, this is Grammy hitting back her shot! Wow! I ended up pouring it into my ice with water. and I did drink it all. But we both slept well that night!
So here is our new house for this year! Larry's house is just the cutest place! And he had it all set up for us.

Check out the hibiscus plants. The flowers are beautiful and his lawn is too. The back yard is all fenced in for Mandy which is also quite nice. Even she is enjoying this trip more.

My sewing room is all set up and I actually sewed today! It felt so good!!! In fact, I beaded last night and hope to bead some more tonight. Bob and I are settled in and not going anywhere for New Year's Eve. I didn't even feel like going out for dinner so I made us a nice dinner and we'll have a glass of Irish Cream well before midnight! The past few years we are asleep and dreaming at midnight! Yes, we are oldies for sure!
Tomorrow I'll post pics of my BJP 2010 project I'm working on and pics of my sewing room. Bob's going to take more pics of the inside of our house. Until then HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Temp today was in the 70's and it's 64 @ 7:45 p.m. No, I don't miss the snow and cold.


  1. Ah, what a wonderful post!!! I love the fact that you have well behaved birds! My parakeets won't even let me take a NAP!!! (stinkers...)
    What a story...what a trip! This was a delightful read for the beginning of the new year, and I just stepped out to try and get a shot of the Blue Moon and COMPLETELY FROZE myself...think of that as you bask in the lovely weather!
    The very best to you and may 2010 bring you only wonderful things!


  2. Welcome home!

    Is it too personal to ask if you change houses every year? That's what your post seemed to indicate... :D


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