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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quilting and zentangles

I made some more zentangles and put them to fabric. These are some hearts that I did.

I traced the design on fabric and quilted it. It's really hard to do FMQ in such small areas. My piece is 8 1/2" x 11" but the inside of the hearts had to be quilted really tiny! I do small stitches but it just didn't feel comfortable..Plus, I don't do well following a line...straight or curved!

I'm auditioning for a fiber post card (inside the cut out area is a 4" x 6" window).
I also made up some 6" squares of a butterfly (for my BJP 2010). I think I'll just print on my fabric then do hand stitching and beading.

This is a flower and I think with the hand stitching and beading it will work out well.

So then I traced onto a 16" x 10" piece of fabric two heart designs. Funny the picture is clear in my Windows might have to click on it to see the design(s).

2nd design.
Then I sandwiched and FMQ'ed the piece. I'm actually thinking of rolling fabric paints on this to change the color. I'm just debating what color to make it. Interesting, I used two different pens to trace the pattern on with. The left is Pentel fine line liquid gel pen and the right side if Staples gel pen. Hmmmmmm

So that was my Sunday! Other than watching the Lions play..yes, they lost but at times they looked really good. They're a young team and I'm a supporter so I'll stay with them.


  1. These are beautiful! I am not sure which I like best but the hot pink fabric is wonderful.
    They quilt up so nice.....
    I guess I am in a heart mood now, so that is the favorite of the moment. ;)


  2. The pink piece is especially neat, and I like the idea of rollering on some fabric paint... I'm seeing orange, which would make a neat, complex, bright color. ;)

  3. Beautiful work. I know how much time it takes to do one in pen and ink. I can't imagine stitching them. Good job!


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