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Monday, November 30, 2009

Starting countdown!

Well, Dec.1st will be the start of our countdown for Florida! Christmas shopping, thinking of packing up, etc. Bob has an alarm system coming for the house so that will keep him busy for awhile!
In between cooking and cleaning and doing some quilting last week, I did play with lutradur, fabric crayons and disperse dyes.

I did a funky tree using fabric crayons on plain paper then painted on the disperse dye. After the dye dried, I transferred to the lutradur. It's a funky tree, as I said, but I think I can do something with this piece.

I did the same technique except made some hearts and again transferred to lutradur (this is the lightest weight).
This piece has two different transfers from using the disperse dye and crayon piece.

This piece I forgot what I was doing and I use the fabric crayons and started to do a rubbing on it! hmmmmm That's ok, I'll just use disperse dye transfer on top of it.

Yep, lost my head again and did rubbings with fabric crayons direct onto the lutradur. I like the intensity of the crayons and if I use a pastel or light hand on transferring the disperse dye, I think the piece will turn out quite nice.
Hopefully, I can take one of these pieces (funky tree??) and start on my BJP for January. I thought of keeping with the art of nature theme and the 'tree' would fit in?? I can see beading swirling around the tree. I need some hand work..although, I sliced (and I do mean sliced) my finger on my right hand over the weekend on my rotary cutter. I'm getting some super glue today to hold it together.
Also, we had 7 turkey in the yard today! We saw two the other day and that was the first for this winter. I'm sure the rest of them will be forth coming! Still no snow! Whew!

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