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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Date night with the kids

I had a great night Sat. for date night! Dawn picked up the kids and brought them back to her house for a sleepover and Amber could help make pizza on the grill for us! Amber made cupcakes with her mom in the afternoon so we had a good dessert too!

Auntie has the grill moved just outside her patio door, so Amber just opened the door and there's the grill! Here she is putting toppings on the pizza.
Amber cooking away! The pizza was REALLY good and of course we had our healthy salad to go with it. Amber will for sure be a good cook just like her mom and Auntie. She loves to cook which is good.
And here are Amber's cupcakes she made for us! Uncle Jeff and I split a cupcake (well, we had ice cream with it too!).

I didn't take any pics of Nick playing car racing on Uncle Jeff's PlayStation as I was too busy yakking and playing cards. He and Uncle Jeff had fun doing that and of course he loves it if he beats Uncle Jeff. Then Amber and Nick ended up playing Madden's football game which looked just like a real football game.
Auntie, Amber and I played WigOut. This is a game Amber and I have played for years. WalMart used to sell it but I haven't been able to find it lately as I want to pick up one for our house too. It's really a fast and fun game. Amber and I named each of the characters on the cards by giving them names of each member of the family! It's a hoot as we call out "I have Auntie" "I have Grandpa". So funny...Temp was up to 64 yesterday! Can you believe it's the middle of Nov. There's quite a breeze this a.m. and a temp of mid 40's expected. Yesterday I cleaned out the rest of my hosta and other plants after Mandy and I took our walk. At least that part is done and hopefully with the 'breeze' today the rest of the leaves will move on!

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