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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beading, beading and more beading!

Most of my fiber friends know I'm crazy about beading and enjoy every moment that I do bead. Lately, I've been working on beading my Frankenthaler (for the Inspired by the Masters exhibit). This is one of Helen Franenthaler's paintings that inspired me to create my Frankenthaler quilt.

I finally finished beading the bugger! It's 16" x 20" and has LOTS of bugle beads in it.
I was getting bored with just bugles and it just so happened one of my favorite beaders, Margaret Ball, posted on her blog directions for beading 'lacy looped fringe'. I thought, heck, I'll use it in my Frankenthaler! You'll have to click on the picture to see the beading closeup.

The green fringe beading included bugle beads in addition to the seed beads and I followed Margaret's directions for adding several loops. I alternated between 2 and 4 bugles then added the seed beads as loops.

The blue was again replacing the seed beads with bugles but keeping the seed beads for the bottom loop. I like the different embellishment this pattern gave to the piece rather then just having all bugle beads staggered throughout the piece. Thanks, Margaret for sharing another technique! Can't wait for her next book to come out! I reference her book 'Embeadery' often and it travels to Florida with me every year!

I also had finished this lace scarf a few weeks ago and I added some beading for fringe. I only had a few of the pink seed beads left so I used Margaret's directions and added some of the lacy loop fringe until I ran out! I think it adds a little something to the small amount of fringe I did have.

So now to work on some more of my fiber Valentine post cards. I did make two fiber cards yesterday but I have to finish the edges on them, then I'll post pics. I was playing with printing on tissue paper. Actually, it's tissue paper that was in a gift bag Carolyn gave us on Friday at the Guild workshop. "Waste not, want not" Grandma always said!


  1. Hi Robbie,

    I think your Frankenthaler is awesome! Almost tempting me to get my beads out again! ..... In fact.... I've just had a brain storm! Ta! I'll post about it when I get home from work tonight! You just solved a problem I've got with a quilt I made this weekend! (Look for a post called Algae!)


  2. Hey, I recognize that piece! lol... it's coming along nicely and the beaded fringe falling off is a lovely touch!

  3. Your piece is mouth-wateringly gorgeous. I love those colors and the sparkle from the beads and the texture!


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