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Friday, November 13, 2009

It's how big!

Bob and I just got back from a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Mr. Lucky's. I had their grilled chicken (with Zip's sauce - which is FANTASTIC!) and Bob had a Rib Eye and a baked sweet potato. The portions at Mr. Lucky's are always enough that you can take home left overs for another meal...but check out Bob's sweet potato! I weighed it when we got home..almost 2 with what Bob ate this was a 2lb sweet potato! You'd think whoever grew it would have kept it to enter in the state fair somewhere! Yikes! We have enough for 3 more meals!
So I want to share some sun printed fabric one of my friends did. Karen has made some wonderful nature pieces doing her sun printing. We had our Aussome fiber meeting yesterday and she brought some of her latest creations. I'm posting two of them (without her permission but I'm sure she won't be upset!). Aren't they beautiful! I can just see them as a whole cloth being quilted whether with hand or machine stitching.
We're talking Karen into selling some of her sun printed yardages.

If anyone is interested, there's another contest...go figure! Anyway, check out what else Lark Books is up to for keeping us on our toes and productive!
Sat. is date night but I think I'm being taken on a date! My daughter is picking up Amber and Nick and taking them to her house to prepare dinner for all of us! Isn't that nice! Darrin and Kris will go on their 'date' and I'll have a date night with my daughter, my SIL, Jeff, and the grand kids. I'm looking forward to this!


  1. That sun printed leaf fabric has my fiber lust in high gear!
    It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    (and yes, I could have done that if I would have gotten the camera out of my hands.....sigh.....)


  2. I'm agog at that potato... i see sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving in it's creamy deliciousness lol.

    Neat-o fabrics!

  3. The sun printed fabric is just gorgeous!


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