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Friday, November 27, 2009

What a Thanksgiving!

Nothing quilt related today on this post...just family stuff. It is after all my journal so every once in awhile it will be all about family!

Well, our Kris outdid herself again! She really should be on Martha Stewart or have her own show. Kris is a WONDERFUL hostess and pictures don't do her justice on how she prepares the house for her guests and family! This is just one seating area Kris had set up for dinner. She and Amber made everyone their own place card. You can just about see the little turkey on the plate that had each of our names on it. Just another nice touch. Amber knew where everyone was sitting and it made it nice to fill up drinks! This was another table set up. Starting with Amber peaking out of the corner (left), Katie, Kim (Kris' sister), Kim's husband Tom and their daughter, Lilly. I never could get a picture of Nick or Amber without them moving. But Amber does have a nice smile on her! Kris is in the background working away!
And this is Ginny and her friend, Mike. A nice young man and it was good he was able to join the family for dinner. Ginny was the 'live in nanny' this past summer replacing Katie from the year before. We had fun both years and I hope Ginny will be a 'nanny' again this summer! I'll have to come up with some new, exciting things to do on Wed.!

Just one picture of some of the food! I think there were two turkey's as Kris' mom, Nancy made a turkey too. Nancy is a good cook as well so Kris gets it from her for sure. Everyone (women!) brought something to add to the dinner. So many choices!
This is Wesley, Kris' nephew. Nick is hiding in the left hand corner! He's usually pretty good about getting his picture taken but not today! That's OK, I still got a shot of his head!

And of course we had to have dessert! There was chocolate cake (made by Nancy!), sweet potato pie (by Lisa), pumpkin squares (I'm assuming Nancy), lemon pie (me), pumpkin pie (me) and a trifle (I think by Kris??) but I didn't get a picture of it. I was too busy eating!

It was a very nice Thanksgiving with family, friends and of course food! Again, thank you Kris (& Darrin!) for another wonderful meal. Kris, you certainly put forth so much effort to make each get together the best for everyone!! You are a sweetheart!!

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