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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 'hole in one'

I received my copy of the 'Sense of Humor' and SAQA @20 combined journal today! I was so excited to have my 'frogs' juried into this exhibit and now to be published in the SAQA journal is like getting a 'hole in one'. This is the only way I could explain it to Bob! And hopefully this will make sense to my non quilting family and friends! Also, on the 1st page, curator's statement, there's an insert small picture of my orange frog! Now that's really exciting!

The catalog flips over and each section is like its own book so both exhibits appear to have their own journal.

You can purchase the catalog on the SAQA web site for $20. I just started looking at some of the art quilts in the SAQA @20 and they are exceptional!! Talk about inspiration.

Anyway, here is my 'frog' quilt that is in the catalog and will be on exhibit at the IQA show in Chicago in April 2010 and then on to California in July or August..the frogs travel more than I do!
My friend, Carol in Florida, gave me the suggestion to put the 'rejected' frog on the back. I thought that was a great idea so here he is! He's saying 'I didn't make the cut'.....

OK, so enough of my frogs...but don't golfers talk about their 'hole in one' all the time! This is my 'hole in one' and probably my last!


    I completely understand---I think I would have been happy-dancing to the point that I threw a body part out! :)
    Really, really cool.....hole in one!


  2. This was in Houston, too, wasn't it? Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement!! :D

  3. Congratulations Robbie. This is an outstanding achievement!


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