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Friday, November 20, 2009

Just my lucky week I guess!

I WON!!! I WON!!! Yep, I won the GSQ raffle quilt!! Isn't it great! It's all hand appliqued and machine quilted. I wanted to get a quick picture and didn't know where to hang it so I just laid on top of our bedspread. I think it looks so nice so I'm going to get my green pillows out and use it as a spread for the holidays. It's also traveling with us to Florida to be shown to my friends there! Thanks Shirley for drawing my name!!! And thanks Mary for giving me the brown paper bag when I started to hyperventilate! (Only kidding...I just felt like I was).

Just a few closeups of the blocks....

Just beautiful....

I'm not a traditional quilter by any means but I certainly do appreciate traditional work. I do so love this quilt.

So at the guild meeting in the afternoon, four of us put on a 90 minute workshop. Mine was using Shiva Paintstiks. I think the ladies did a great job! It's hard to cram a full day class into 90 minutes but they did it! I had 13 in the workshop but I didn't get pics of each of their work, darn! But here are some pictures I did get.
Check out the landscape Wilma did! This was using a strip of paper for the edging.

We did 'masking' first to get them used to working with the paintstiks. This was Evelyn P's piece.

Evelyn B. used one of my hand carved stamps and the stencil brush rather then the paintstik direct on the fabric! I think the colors are beautiful and very subtle. Each print could be used to make a fiber postcard just by adding a border. I love this effect.

Maryanne did a rubbing using another one of my hand carved stamps and some larger leaf store bought stamps I had. You really can get a great textured look with the rubbings.

Maryanne was busy! This was her 'masking' piece then she laid a place mat under her painted piece and did the rubbing. Pretty cool!

I think this is by Lillian. She just used the paintstik direct on the rubbing but she kept moving the rubbing at angles. Nice effect isn't it! The blue paintstik really stood out.

Diane used another one of my hand carved stamps. Maze and blue!! Go Blue!! I love these colors together. Nice contrast and rich looking.

Amy did a really nice masked piece but I didn't get a picture of it. Then she got out her black fabric! I didn't get a picture of her finished black piece but it was amazing!! Amy did rubbings with some other leaves and a rubbing plate. It will make a very nice small quilt for her. She gave me a great idea for a quilt using the black and white! Remember, Amy, 15 minutes!! Just for you!

Vera's piece came out great I thought! I love her colors and the blending she's doing. Almost looks painterly (hmmmm is that really a word??).

Holly did rubbings with the cardboard cup holder from Starbucks coffee (I save these like crazy! They're great for using in scrapbooking or cardmaking as well!). She also did a rubbing with a larger stamp and a rubbing plate. Didn't she blend the colors well on the leaf!

Wilma got really creative didn't she! I love this piece as well! She used a mixture of items to create this one of a kind piece of fabric.

And last but certainly far from least is my buddy, Carolyn! This was her masking piece. After she did the masking and coloring with painstiks she then covered the painted areas and applied a new color to fill in using a rubbing plate.

Here's her finished piece. She also added some stenciling using the torn paper. I think it turned out great! These are my colors!

Carolyn is the program chair for the guild and she does a bang up job!! She's so organized and works so well with professional teachers and 'little' folks like myself. She organized the four workshops today and had something for everyone. The guild would surely miss all the effort she puts forth to keep the programs interesting and appealing to all. THANK YOU, Carolyn!!

And thank you ladies for a great afternoon! Hope you all had as much fun as I did!


  1. Congrats on the quilt and oh my! The paint stick class was super! I have debated buying a set, but after seeing the possibilities, I am leaning more and more toward them......
    there was some really outstanding work posted!!!


  2. Lucky to win a raffle quilt. I wish Paintstiks would also come in a narrower size. I would just like to draw details with them and not rubbings or stencils. They are too bulky for the things I want to do but I love the iridescent look.


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