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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Review and old work!

So my week has been busy so far...can't show much in the way of art work because what I'm working on is Fiber Valentines for the exchange we do yearly. Hence, can't show pics! Plus, I'm still 'bugling' my way on Frankenthaler! I have to pick up some orange bugles today on the way to pick up the little ones. I hope to be finished with the beading this weekend (while watching the Lions!).

So just to put a picture or two on my blog post for's a piece I did in 2004 for the MQAI exhibit, Out of Africa. I found a 'tiny' picture in one of my old embroidery catalogs (that's when a business sent catalogs in the mail!) for an embroidered piece. I just loved the picture of the woman and decided I wanted to make her into a quilt for this exhibit. I scanned in the picture and enlarged to 8 1/2 x 11 then I took it to Kinko's and had it enlarged to 20" x 24". The piece was then traced onto white fabric and I painted it with thickened dyes (Hollis Chatelain's technique).
I added lots of embellishments to this piece starting with creating lace for her headband, braiding lots and lots of fibers to create her hair and of course my beading! I call her "Aisha - She is Life'

Now onto my book review! I don't know how or why I even ordered this book from our library but I so glad I did! It's a great read, well written. It's about the life of 3 women in the early 60's during the civil rights movement in Missouri. Two women are maids and the other is a woman who writes about the lives of maids. It is 'thought provoking' and a book I'd recommend.
Weather has been decent in the 50's but sure cold early in the a.m.! Carol T. and I met yesterday to do some Christmas shopping for me but I only ended up buying two gifts! But we did spend lots and lots of Carol's money on some outfits for her. She did get some really cute things. Now she's looking for a place to go to wear them! Carol works at Border's but that isn't a good place for her to wear her new outfits! I'm sure she'll come up with someplace to go! We did have a nice day out. So nice to have friends, isn't it!


  1. I like your latest quilt-it's my favorite type of quilt-a portrait!! And the book is something I will check out!


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