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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some art work

Yesterday was spent with the kids (my normal Wed.) and we did have a busy day. Next week we're going to the library (which we do every Wed.) to attend a presentation on Nature’s Color Palette, presented by the Lewis Wint Nature Center. Lynn, from the Nature Center, will show how nature uses color to disguise, surprise and more. I can't wait myself! I have a feeling I might be sitting through two sessions! Ginny (kids cousin who baby sits through the summer) is coming with us too. Look forward to some quiet day...RA is really getting bad again..Dr. appt next week so we'll see what's up. I'm ready for some witch craft or alternative meds!!!

So here's a piece of shibori I've been doing some hand work on. I dyed this piece several years ago at one of our fiber group member's home when we had a Indigo dye day. You can read a description of Indigo here or just google Indigo Dye. It's a very long process working with chemicals (lye for one!) then dipping fabric in the chemicals, hanging up then rediping and rehanging. The more you 'dip' the more intense your indigo fabric is. That's one of the reasons Indigo fabric or clothing is so expensive. Add shibori (mostly hand stitching) and you'll have an expensive piece to purchase.

So my piece was stitched then dyed. I did some free motion quilting then added some hand stitching. Beads are coming next. I'm pleased with the small piece (15" x 25") and I think it will make a nice piece of art work will finished.
Bob's not golfing today so we're going to run some errands. I'm hoping to get time to sew today once the body starts moving.

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