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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Linocut Online Class

I started taking a Lino cut online class two weeks ago with a wonderful textile artist and instructor, Dijanne Cevaal. Dijanne is such a talented artist and I'm really glad I got into this class. In only two weeks I've learned so much about 'lino cutting'. Actually, "Lino cut" is a printmaking technique that you cut a design into a linoleum surface with a sharp knife or carving tool. The raised (uncarved) areas represent a reversal (mirror image) of the design to show printed. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller (called a brayer), and then impressed onto paper or fabric. Dijanne was kind enough to recommend for those of us with arthritis to use a a softer cutting surface called Speedball (Speedy-Cut). I get mine at Michael's using my 50% coupon! No way could I carve into a linoleum matt! My friend, Mary, did take a class here in the Flint area and carved a piece of linoleum! I don't know how she did it but I think she said she wouldn't do it again!

So our first lesson was carving a background stamp and then printing on fabric. Here is my stamp and some pieces I stamped using it.
My background carving
Fabric printed using my block

More fabric (I actually printed 11 pieces!)
Our next exercise or lesson was carving a positive and negative shape. Here is my leaf carving.
Printing on top of my background stamped pieces.


And more....

Our next lesson is carving a stamp with a simple shape that will be used for printing a repeat print on a piece of fabric. I'll be carving that today and stamping as well. I did start playing with some practice leaves yesterday for my wolf piece and I should get some more practice leaves made today. Once that is done then it's pretty quick for me to make the 'real' thing! It just takes me awhile to decide how or what I want to do! Hmmmmm Must be a woman thing!


  1. Very cool stuff! I love the 2 stamps layered together

  2. Your carvings are wonderful - so detailed. Dijanne is one of my most admired quilters. She shares so much of herself and her techniques through her blog and her books - and it sounds as if her on-line class fits in that category, too. I hope you post some more of your classwork.

  3. So pretty, Robbie! They look wonderful.

  4. Wonderful! She must be a great teacher.

  5. Great Lino carvings. I love the positive and negative images of leaves.

  6. Your prints are wonderful- looks to me like you've been doing this for years! I'm very interested.


  7. These are so cool. I must give this a try.

  8. Hi, I found you through Dijannes' blog. Your carvings and stamped pieces are fabulous. I like the overprinting of the one onto the other.


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