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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shot of the day: Troy Matteson's eagle on No. 2

We had a great day at the Buick Open...met up with friends, Joan and Jerry and had quite a few laughs, saw some great shots and MISSED a great shot! Troy Matteson's eagle on No. 2! Yep, one of the 'shot of the day' events we missed! We watched almost every shot and putt on the 12th and 2nd holes from 7:45 until 4 but when it came to this shot of the day we were looking at Jerry's 25 year old chairs! And they were not that interesting! OK, they were cute and so is Jerry but.....everyone in the crowd started cheering and we just looked at each other saying "what just happened?" Guess we weren't the only ones looking at Jerry and Joan's chairs...the fellows in the booth who take pics and stats actually came down and asked US what just happened! We all laughed so hard and this will certainly make this Buick Open a memorable one.

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