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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lino Cut - monogram - sleeping dogs lie

We're starting Lesson 2 in our online Lino Cut class by Dijanne this week. For exercise 1 in this lesson, we were to make a monogram stamp. So off to designing I did...and ended up with this drawing for my monogram. Not too bad...
Then I started to cut my stamp...I remembered (per Dijanne's instructions!) to reverse the image...but when I cut I forgot I wanted the positive and not negative here was my first 'cut' which wasn't pretty.
Here it is stamped. Doesn't look that bad but not that good either! After cutting two more blocks (keeping the positive or was that keeping positive in mind!), I just couldn't get the detail cut correctly. Again, Dijanne to the rescue! Her tips and suggestions were just what I needed!
This is my stamp cut 'correctly' or as close to it that I could..actually, not sure but I added a squiggle at the bottom of my 'P'..hence, the prints look more like 'RR' rather then 'RP' for my initials!
Here's my monogram (3" x 3" block) stamped on a 10 or 12" square..can't remember the size. I like the look of the monogram print.
This one was printed on black fabric using a mixture of Trapsuutijes Paints and Jacquard metallic in a copper color.
Bob wanted to know if I was changing my name. Actually, when I get some time I'm going to re-cut another block being careful on my initial 'P'.
Mandy has had her buddy Cody spending the past few days with us. Here are the 'sleeping dogs'. They are so cute together. When I give them a treat, they both automatically sit at the same time. I laugh every time they get a treat. What sweethearts!

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  1. Hi!
    Great step-by-step illustrations! Very exciting to share it this experience....especially since I've never dreamed of cutting a lino stamp! Exciting!


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