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Friday, July 17, 2009


Bob took a day off from golfing yesterday so after doing some work around the house we met up with Susan and Harvey at one of our favorite restaurants, Pesto's! Susan and Harvey have their home in Florida but they spend the summer in Michigan at a cabin they have in Gregory, Michigan. It was really good to see our Florida friends again and we almost had them for overnight guests! Their car kept stalling out on the way up! Yikes! But we did get through with our wonderful meal and of course I/we (except Susan - she was good!) had dessert! Bob and I had Banana Foster and Harvey had ice cream peanut butter pie! So good.
If you're every in the Flint area Pesto's is a must stop (especially for their desserts! They had 17 on the menu last night!). Anyway, Harvey started the car up just fine after dinner and with our cell numbers in hand, they did make it home. Susan called us on the way and reported they had no problems so far! She also called us when they arrived home! Whew! I'm sure they were both nervous at dinner because they are over an hour from Flint! Not like they were right around the corner and at 7 at night not too many auto garages (do they still have those??) are open. I hope we get to visit again and next time I'd like to have them come to the house. We'll have to plan ahead's just hard to plan with my room mates golf schedule!
So today I'm anxiously awaiting my friend, Lynn, to visit!!! Lynn & Pete lived across the street from us and moved to Colorado last June! I miss Lynn so much (Pete too!) and think about her almost daily when I look out my front door. She's the sweetest, kindest lady and Pete always has a smile and a hello for you (plus, he makes the BEST molasses cookies!). I'm making chicken salad for lunch for Lynn and I.

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