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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LinoCut Online Class: Lesson 2 exercise 2

I did do something earlier this week! Geezzzz After kids left on Sunday, I got to work on my 2nd exercise of Lesson 2 in the online lino cut class. I forgot all about that until last night!

In this lesson, we are working on obtaining balance in our piece. I took a design from an Architecture drawing book and tweaked the tree a bit. This design really made me take my time and I think the balance of the branches works pretty good. Our next exercise is working on using lines to create movement. I won't get to work on that until the beginning of next week. Just too much going on this week and weekend.

The stamp I cut is only 3" x 5" but I think it will work quite well for a fiber postcard.
I mixed up some red, yellow and black paints and stamped on a hand dyed yellow piece of fabric.
Ditto here except changed direction of the stamping

I placed the stamp designs together to form this balanced's not really symmetrical but is suppose to look symmetrical!
I am so enjoying this class....guess I've said that many times before. Just wish didn't have all the projects or things to do so I could just play with what I'm learning for an entire week. Maybe after August I'll take a few days and devote just to stamp making! How cool would that be.

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  1. I love your linocuts! Still time to sign up for my blogivesary give away.


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