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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Friends and Art

Mandy has a new Therapy Dog friend. Her name is 'Shine' and she met with us yesterday to visit the patients at the Genesys Hospice. Isn't she SWEET! And she was really so sweet with the patients too. Shine's mom is Kay and we're so glad they met up with us. Shine's mom raises Whipets and two of them are Therapy Dogs.
The 'girls' were discussing the next visit they can make together! We're looking forwarding to having Shine and Kay meet up with us again!
This was Exercise 3 from the online Lino Cut class. We needed to make a smaller stamp that could be used in a repeat pattern. This was my first stamp/print I did.
Then I decided I'd make some spirals similar to what Dijanne showed us. Most of them turned out but you can see at the top left bottom right how one spiral is chubby! Bad cutting on my part...I still like the print but I wasn't pleased with the 'bad' spiral. So I sliced off that end...what the heck! It's my stamp!
Then I printed my two blocks on fabric. This was a good lesson in cutting circles or spirals. I did find if I turned my block as I was cutting the spiral it allowed me to cut them cleaner. I can't wait to get our next lesson!
I am working on another shibori piece and finished all of the hand thread work last night, of course, while watching the All Star game! I want to add some beading next. Hopefully, I'll get pictures taken and post later this week.
My neighbor who moved out west is back in town!! Yippee!!! And I get to see her in another day!! I can't wait!!! Off to baby more art work today.

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