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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've raised a Blogger!

Yep, I raised a Blogger! Dawn has started a blog about trips she and Jeff will be taking. Their first 'blog' event will be their trip to Alaska which is coming up this next weekend! Her blog is called The Poteau Passport. This certainly will be a nice way for them to share their trips. Dawn is really good about scrap booking and journaling all their trips along with her wonderful photography. The blog will give her family and friends an instant look rather then waiting to see her journals. I love the Internet!

Today is a sewing, laundry and perhaps retouching up the deck day! We have areas on the deck that need repainting. When we did the deck a few years ago, it was on several really, really hot days. Hence, some paint just didn't soak in. At least that's my thought process. We do need to touch it up and we'd like to do it before it gets hot again. Today looks like a good day.

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