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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America! And my Mum

Happy 4th? Well, it just seems like another weekend to this retiree couple! But I can remember as a kid it was an exciting time to watch the fire works and of course we always had my Mum's friends over for a picnic...which included grilled hot dogs, sparklers and badminton! Boy, did Mum love to play that game! For not being athletic she really good at it. Plus, she looked good playing the game! Mum looked a lot like Lana Turner when she was young. For those too young, Lana Turner was an actress! I always thought how beautiful Mum was driving her convertible with the scarf wrapped around her head. And watching her get dressed to go for the night with my step dad. I would stand by the door of the bathroom watching her put on her makeup and just think how pretty she was. Yep, that was my my thoughts today are with the birthday of American and our Independence but it's also with my Mum who I miss to this day....Love you Mum!

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