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Friday, July 24, 2009

Screen printing, leaves and approaching weekend

We did screen printing last night at our Complex Cloth fiber meeting. It was a lot of fun. This is the 2nd time one of our members, Joetta, taught us this technique. I've been lucky enough to retain some of what she taught us a few years ago and so last night I just tried to be an 'assistant' for those who had not tried screen printing before. I held screens, scrappers, washed utentils or just try and keep the area clean. I was probably more hinderence then help! This isn't an easy technique if you don't have a lot of space to work or are new at it. Or if you have an 'assistant' hoovering over you!

This is deconstructed screen printing which is really a fun process....takes a bit of work but then any type of dyeing, painting fabric takes work. This technique was developed by Kerr Grabowski. She does some wonderful work!! Joetta and Mary both took a workshop by Kerr a few years ago..lucky ladies!

Here are some of the pieces I screen printed last summer. I used some of my hand dyed fabric that just wasn't that great. Addition of the print really made the fabrics more interesting.

So back to the wolves....I made 24 more leaves for my wolf piece today. I now have 80+ leaves made for it! I just placed them all on the design board and I have a feeling I might just need a few more. I may cheat and make some more fused ones. I have 19 fused leaves already that will be used behind the textured leaves.

Here are some leaves I'm putting on the top right side of the wolves.

Here is a grouping of the leaves. You can see where I have to cover the wolves since they are supposed to be in the woods! I get it..just hope everyone else does! If you click on the pictures you should be able to see a larger version. If you're interested! Ignore the pins, ignore the stems...just look at the leaves. I used all my pins I had in my magnetic pin holder placing these buggers!

The little ones are coming for the weekend tomorrow so I won't get much sewing done! I'm going to take them to Davison for the Festival of Flags which is in its 40+ year! They have games, rides, art fair (OK, so that's why I'm going!) and other festivities for kids. Hope it's a nice weather day and not too hot for this old lady!

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