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Saturday, July 11, 2009

End of a busy week

It's been a very busy and emotional week. Patty's service was yesterday and even though sad to say our final goodbye to Patty I actually felt cheerful. For two days, friends and family shared so many stories about Patty and the way she lived her life. I guess by this reminiscing just made me feel happy that Patty was in my life. She was a pretending she was Barbara Walter's cousin so people would chat with her and tell them their life story! This is true! And strangers would share their life with Patty!

I did finish the hand work on my hand dyed shibori piece. Here's a close up of some of the beading and hand stitching.
And the finished piece. I'm sure not sure which way to hang's actually very's just the photographer who is crooked!
And I finished the thread painting on my wolves and I quilted the background fabric. I'm going to work on making my leaves and branches - the wolves are looking out from the woods (at least that's my plan!). Then to decide where to place the wolves and whether I want a winter scene or fall scene. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday this past week I took Amber, Nick and Ginny to the 4-H fair in Davisburg. This is our annual trip every summer. Except this year I let the kids talk me into riding some of the rides! took my stomach two days to return from Davisburg to our home!
Here is a video of the ride Nick talked me into! I screamed like a little girl! Ginny and Nick are riding together and Amber is in the back of them.

And this is the ride Amber talked me into going on twice! Can't believe I did that..doesn't seem that bad but let me tell you on the 'downside' your stomach flips!

We really had a fun time and it's a side trip I look forward to every year. Just spending time with the kids is wonderful and to have these memories is priceless! I hope Ginny enjoyed herself too..although, she learned more about rabbits going to market then she cared to!

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