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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art of Natuare in progress and stuff

Yesterday, my hubby put up a rod so I can step out of the tube and hold on to something! We have a whirlpool tub for two that is getting harder to get out of each night. I think Bob's afraid one of these nights I'm going to fall out. He would hate to have to call 911! And so would I..very embarassing! Gee, my 'six words' could be: "Lady falls. Husband embarrassed. Divorce pending." Anyway, he installed this for me yesterday! It's really nice! Now I just need to remember to use it. I'm so used to grabbing onto the wall.
Before we went to the wedding reception, which by the way was quite nice, I continued stitching on my Art of Nature piece. This is one of the wolves which I think looks like a female. I do need to pick up one more shad of gray in the lightest shade. I think she's looking pretty good so far.

Here's the back of the piece! Kinda looks surreal..maybe I should use the back vs the front!

I'm off to market shortly to get some dinner fixings. Diane is coming for an early dinner. I'm still not sure what I want to make. Need to get out my Skinny Girl and Cook Yourself Thin cookbooks and come up with something new!

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