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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The start of our summer

No art pictures today! I need to get busy and start posting some more! Yesterday, I babysat Nick all day since his kindergarten class is over with. Hard to believe he'll be in 1st grade in the fall. Anyway, we had a really good day going to the Seymour Lake Park in Oxford. Nick met up with his friend, Austin, from school which was nice. His babysitter and I watched them play for an hour. Made it nice so I didn't have to climb the monkey bars!
This is a really nice park with bench's/tables for eating, nice restrooms (now!) and they are building a splash park which should be open in a few weeks. Is looks awesome and something the kids will love as well.
After the park, we went home and make grilled cheese, then off to ride his bike at the park that surround the library. We did poop out poor Mandy (& grandma!). Nick rode his bike for over 50 minutes and Mandy and I walked along with him! Whew! At one point, I did pick up Mandy and carry her...poor baby! She was really tired but a trooper! She kept plugging along and she did sleep very well last night (again, so did grandma!) so I guess it was a good exercise.
We picked up Amber after school and headed back to the library. The kids love going to the library and they both signed up for the reading program. In fact, Nick sat and read for over 25 minutes! He got his first reading sticker yesterday! Amber likes to read as well and I'm really glad. Now I just need to get in shape for watching them both on Wed.'s again this summer all day!
38 degrees at 7:15 a.m. today! Go figure! At least no frost, whew! Hate to lose what plants I've bought or been given! It's more refrigerator comparison shopping for Bob and I today. Our frig is on it's last leg(s) so we need to do something quickly.

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