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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where did the days go!

I haven't updated my blog in two days or is it three! Geezzz...although, at times that would happen with my hard cover journal writing as well!

I did finish all the hand stitching on the bleach resist piece Dawn made a few years ago. I added embroidery around each of the stamped blocks she did and finished it off with all hand stab stitching rather then machine quilting. Nice to have something to work on while watching the boob tube! I found some orange commercial fabric I purchased in Florida a few years ago that I'll use for the binding. It's an interesting will be hung in my sewing room rather then in the house. Colors just don't go with anything! But I do like it.
I started to machine quilt my Lenore Crawford workshop piece. I'm going to give this to our Goodrich library. They have several of my pieces on their walls, covering up the holes and patchwork!
Here's detail shot of the petals and machine stitching. This is all free motion quilting which makes it so easy to 'paint' petals.
And ta da!!! Our new refrigerator!! Our old one was very sick and not feeling well so he's onto a better place now! We love this new many nice features. This should last as long as we will! Let's hope! OK, let's hope we outlast it!

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  1. Oh, Robbie - those flowers are GORGEOUS (hehe - and so is your refrigerator!).


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