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Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 1/2" of rain!

Yep, we rec'd 3 1/2" of rain yesterday!! It really poured most of the day and lots of flooding around the area. We met with our friends, Joan and Jerry, last night for dinner at Lucky's in Davison. Yum! We had a really nice time and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Here's my current 'hand' work piece. This started off as a piece of shibori (dark fabric) to which I cut and added some hand dyed lime fabric. Looks nice but predictable.
I cut the piece in four and started playing with the arrangement.
The four pieces were sewn back together and then I did some free motion quilting. Now I'm doing some hand embroidery work on the piece.
Closeup of machine and hand work.
Bob picked up his 'free' cell phone yesterday and I'm off this a.m. to get mine. It's an LG Vue and really seems nice. As long as they're free, I'm a happy camper!


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