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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art and Magic

No, not my magic! That part follows some of my art pics. My family has to scroll through and look at my art just because they're my family! My friends may or may not care about what grandma did today so for them I'm posting pics of my current project. This is the start of my piece for the MQAI Art of Nature exhibit (due beginning of July). This is a picture Dawn took last year in Indiana at the wolf preserve. Isn't this great picture! I printed it out on fabric and now I'm thread painting it. I'll cut out the piece after the thread painting is finished then I'll be make leaves and branches so it appears the wolves are coming out of the woods. I just love this picture!
Here is some of the thread painting I've been doing. It's a lot of thread work I can tell you that.
So now the magic part! I took the kids to the library in Davison today for a magic show. The libraries have such great free programs during the summer for kids. I just think they are wonderful. So off we went to the magic show (after stopping at our house for lunch and the camera - which I forgot!). The magician was Bill Schulert (I'm not sure I found the correct web site so I'm not posting, but this man was good!).
Of course we had to stop for ice cream before the show! We only do this once in a blue moon because grandma is too cheap and too conscious of sugar and fat...boring!
Ginny (kids cousin who is being the Nanny for the summer), Amber, Grandma and Nick enjoying our ice cream!
This little girls expression was priceless! She was in awe of his magic (she got a poodle balloon for assisting).
Bill did tell the little girl to wash her hands when she got home! He followed this up with having her 'erase' colors from a coloring book, then the pages went blank, then he has us scribble in the air and the book had scribbles it in! It was great! Yes, I was impressed!
This was why he told her to wash her hands when she got home!
I love when kids laugh! Nick was laughing so hard as was Amber! This just makes me feel so good to see them laugh out loud!
Isn't this great! All smiles!!
You can see how many were there. They always have a full house at the free shows. And now more then ever it's great for parents and grand parents to take advantage of free shows.
This was a hoot with his rabbit! He was adorable...he ended up picking out the card the little girl has chosen from a card deck! Still don't know how it did that!
So we ended the day and it was fun! I dropped the kids off meeting Darrin at the A&W in Ortonville (no, I didn't stay for hot dogs and root beer!). I think the kids enjoyed the day as well. Now to plan our next outting!

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