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Friday, June 19, 2009

Week Ending

Woke up to thunder storms this a.m. Wonder if we reached another 3" of rain! It has stopped now and is suppose to get up to 80 today. Just my kind of weather...NOT. Don't like the heat or humidity but guess that's why we have AC!

I made stuffed mushrooms for dinner. They were based on Bethenny Frankel's recipe. I have her book, Naturally Thin, which is great! She has some recipes in the book and on her web site. Anyway, I stuffed mine with a little rice and spinach and the rest of her ingredients. They turned out great. Actually, this is the 2nd time I made these and I had to try and remember how I made them the first time. Maybe next time I'll make them exactly as Bethenny does! The Portabello mushrooms take the place of meet and along with some pasta and salad we had a great meal.

I'm off to GSQ guild meeting today. I started thread painting my Art of Nature piece and hope I don't run out of thread!

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