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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art Work Finished

I finished up the June nature journal piece and page 5 and 6 of my Art Diary. Here's the journal piece (8 1/2" x 11"). The sunflower was scanned and printed on fabric; machine stitched (free motion); french knots added and I used my tailor tack foot to make the green center which I then cut the threads to fuzz. The rest of the piece was hand stitched.
The leaves are made with 34 gauge wire inserted after the quilting and beading added at the edges. My friend, Karen, gave me the little butterfly to put on my leaf!
And here's page 5 of my Art Diary. This was a piece of fabric from our CCC ugly to artistic challenge we had last year (I used the back of the fabric!). I started working on this just as a practice piece to have on hand for my free motion work. I got to liking it and decided to use it for my art diary..only problem it wasn't the right size! I had to add the top and bottom borders!
I did free motion quilting in different designs in the center of the circle then free motion stitched around the circle. I had some metallic braiding that I sewed around the circle area and I did add some foiling to one of the design pieces. The Art Diary size is 18" x 18".
Here is a closeup of the stitching and braiding and you can see some of the foiling in the upper right corner.
The stitching showed up so well on the back that I decided to just paint with a roller some acrylic paint to enhance the stitching. I think the back turned out just right for page 6!
Here's a closeup of the stitching and the painting. The colors are more to what it really looks like in real life! I need to work more with my camera on obtaining true colors. Gloria Hansen has a really good book called Digital Essentials that I purchased which should help me out! Just need to sit and finish reading it! I have too many books to read!!
So now it's time to start on my Art of Nature piece for the MQAI exhibit. Again, too many ideas floating in my head! I need to put some on paper and get moving on it!
It's only 55 and overcast this a.m. We had some rain last night. Hope it clears up for ladies at dye camp! Either way they'll still have fun!

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