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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zentangle Time

So I was 'surfing' one day and came across a web site called Zentangle. This is the coolest technique to do! OK, so it's just doodling and they gave it a fancy name..whatever, it's a hoot and I'm addicted. Last night at the CCC fiber group I show them how to get started and some of the patterns from the web site. You can actually order a kit which has some instructions but I did a search on YouTube and came up with some good video's to watch. And of course I found a cheap book of patterns which should be here this week!

I showed my Art Diary page 5 & 6 a week or so ago. This was my attempt at using the 'zentangle' technique in quilting. Inside the large circle is where I played with different quilting designs in a whole cloth piece. Heck, that's what we do most of the time anyway is just doodle with need and thread. I was going to write in the curved areas but I never did. The doodling really shows up well on the back side that I painted.
I just bought some cheap drawing paper (70lb) from JoAnne's or Michael's (can't remember now) to use. The web site has in their 'zentangle' kit "a mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists' paper with a beautiful vellum surface finish". If I get really good then I'll switch to better paper..until then...Here's my first 'zentangle' I made!
My 2nd zentangle!
I got fancy and added some color.
I took a larger square I had done (you can see the missig piece above in the corner) and covered a canvas panel (on sale at JoAnne's) with some matte gel medium that I had added Setacolor paint to. Then I place a piece of dark blue tissue paper I had on hand on top of the painted (wet) canvas. Then I put some of the painted gel medium on the back of my zentangle and placed it on top of the painted tissue/canvas. I painted over both the tissue and zentangle piece with the rest of the colored gel medium. I'm going to take the top circle piece and/or triangle piece (from the 3 doodles above) and put them on a smaller 5"x7" canvas panel. All you need to add are hooks on the back and you have a nice hanging!

My doodle on a canvas panel

But check out the 'zentangles' the ladies made last night at our group! I've mentioned before how talented they are and 'doodling' is easy! We had a small group (only 6 of us) but here are their pieces! Aren't they great!


Judy's 1st

Judy's 2nd

Hope they enjoyed this 'doodling' and can use the technique in their art somewhere! I know I will!

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