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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Embeadery Bracelet

Yesterday I posted the start of my beaded bracelet. Here's the rest of the process. After the herringbone stitches were completed, I went back and started to add beading around the edges. Then I filled in remaining areas with large beads.

I glued another piece of suede on the back and made sure all areas were covered. I placed the cuff around a small glass to dry (adding ruber bands to hold in place).

Here's the bracelet all dry and ready for me to cut the edges.
Here are the edges cut off. Now I just added Velcro for closure....
And here's my finished bracelet! Margaret Ball has a great book and tips on her web site. I reference her book often in my work!
Off to babysit kids today. School is out for both of them so now our summer together begins! It's raining so Bob won't be golfing today.

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