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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friedensreich Hundertwasser Completed

So here are some pictures from Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the Inspired by Master we're working on now. From his paintings, we are to create an art quilt based on our interpretation of his work.
This is what I ended up making - my interpretation of his work. Hundertwasser was fascinated with spirals, and called straight lines "the devil's tools" . I did put one straight seam line in my piece just to go against the grain so to speak! He used bright colors in his work and lots of green but I decided to not use green and focus on orange and blue.....just because I hand dyed the fabric and I liked it so much! The piece is 17" x 20" . You can click on pictures to see work closeup.
Closeup of the cut out circle and beaded circle.
Another closeup of some of the cut out circles I sewed onto the background after I beaded them.
I have to admit it was fun to work on and didn't take that long to make. Nice that there's no target date on these other then Mary has worked on getting us a place to exhibit our pieces in the fall. But we don't have to make a quilt for all six artists...just do what we want to do. Here's the list of artists that are influencing our 'artistic' capabilities! Klimt; Beardsley; Hokusai; Mucha; Hundertwasser and Helen Frankenthaler. Quite a mix isn't it!

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  1. OHHH I love it! Blue and orange are my favorite combinations. It really does produce some movement with the stripes.


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