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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Weather actually was beautiful yesterday! I didn't think it would get past low 60's but it did! Bob used some new tools to wash the higher outside widows for me yesterday. This has always been a test of how much my body can twist and contort to clean the windows on the east side of our house. They are a few stories up so I would literally 'stick' my body through the window and hang on to clean them. At 62, the body isn't 'sticking' out windows very well now a days! Hence, the new tools. So the window washer did a pretty good job of it! He used an extension tool with a squeegee and soft cloth then rinsed...actually, he rinsed in what he thought was a jet dry mixture but I ended up buying the wrong thing. I bought Jet Dry to clean your dishwasher with! Next time we'll use the right stuff.
Cody is still with us as his 'dad' is being held captive in the hospital for another day or two. He has some bruised internal organs and better he be watched by Dr's. and nurses. He did have some more tests yesterday so we're hoping they'll come out OK.

In my post on 'cutting up a quilt', I was showing a piece that I cut circles out of. Well, I got playing the past two days on doing the same for my Inspired by Master piece. I spent most of the afternoon sewing seed beads on some circles I cut out. I finished adding all my 'embellishments' yesterday and only need to sew the facing on, label and I'll be finished. I have to put the label on Kayla's quilt today as well so I should have pics to post on Monday of these finished pieces.

Here are some of the circles being worked on. I love doing hand work and especially beading!
We had some rain early this a.m. but it's suppose to still be a nice temp out (70's). Just hope the rain holds off for all those folks camping and enjoying the long holiday weekend!

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