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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Time!

So experts say don't take pictures of your quilt on the I didn't (at first!)'s Kayla's graduation quilt 'draped' on the chair...
And this is Kayla's quilt on the floor with me taking the picture from a stool! Not a good thing to do. I think it looks better on the chair!
Anyway, we leave tomorrow (Friday a.m.) to head to Indiana for night time graduation. On Sat. Kayla has her open house the the Church Hall along with some other friends of hers. That's from 2-5 then we all head back to the kids house to celebrate Ian's birthday! He'll be turning 13! Hard to believe but then it's hard to believe Kayla is graduation and starting college in the fall. She's going to Ball University in Muncie, Indiana.
I've been a little under the weather (again!) and just getting a little sick of being/feeling sick. I don't go back to my RA Dr. until July but I just may try to get in earlier. So maybe the travel will take my mind off of it! Sounds like a plan to me. Until next week...

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