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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frost in May?

Temp was 34 yesterday and today (@ 7 a.m.) but we did have frost on the ground yesterday. Bird bath is frozen again today but it's hard to believe it's May. I had my 2nd good night of sleep with no coughing! Whew! Bob came home from golf feeling bad again yesterday. Now I'm thinking he's being bothered with allergies. He's not over the cough yet so any allergy would bother him. Guess he'll need to start taking some allergy meds.
So here's a picture of our Aussme 6 (& 1/2!) fiber group. The gals met here last Tues. then we went off to lunch. It was our last get together with Lois Ann before she left for Italy on Friday.
(L to R) Karen, Mary, Carol, Me, Lois Ann and Judy. Little Carmella is Mary's great, grand daughter who came to visit with us. We had a really nice visit with show and tell and of course, what we do best, just talking!
So today I hope to get in my sewing room. Haven't been in there for a week or so. Can't believe I haven't done anything creative in so long!! Yesterday, I had to run to library and felt like I had 'run' a marathon when I got home. So hopefully, with my good night's sleep I'll be more productive today!

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