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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleepy Time!

Mandy had Cody for a sleep over last night. Randy, Cody's dad, was in a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon and will be in the hospital for another day. Randy has a broken shoulder and some broken ribs but it could have been worse. Our prayers are with both Randy and Lori, as I'm sure the stress and worry is a lot for her as well. We enjoy watching Cody so it's not a problem for us! He's a riot and Mandy enjoys the playtime and company as well.
The dogs love sitting on Bob's lap and I know why! So they all can sleep! This is typical in our house at night! Cody was on Bob's side but moved when I took the pictures.
It's overcast this a.m. and cooler than the past few days and some rain is expected. We did want to wash windows this weekend but not sure that will happen today. It's only 50 right now (7:30 a.m.) and I don't think it will get higher then low 60's if that! Good weed pulling day! UGH..but better then sweating pulling weeds. I want to finish working on my Inspired by Masters piece. I'm doing the hand work now and should have it finished this weekend. Then to start on my Art of Nature piece which is due in July. Several ideas but nothing definite yet which is typical...too many ideas are always floating in my brain!

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