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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Frost!

After a few days of frost each morning, it was nice to wake up to 50 degrees! Maybe spring is here after all! Now I'll start thinking about getting some plants.
Yesterday, my friend Karen and I went eye glass shopping for me! I hate trying on clothes and eye glasses! You would think with all the technology, someone would come up with a better way for you to see what you look like in new glasses! That's the whole point of why we need glasses! You can't see without them! Yet, we're expected to purchase eyeglasses when we can't see ourselves in them! What's wrong with that picture! hmmmmmm

Anyway, Karen and I had such a nice day. We started out with lunch at one of our favorites restaurants, Pesto's!

The food is fantastic and they always have over 12 desserts, that are to die for! We ate Margarita Pizza, crab & mushroom soup, chicken salad and for dessert, the largest, most delicious Chocolate Eclair I've ever eaten! We had to split it since it's well over 6 inches long! I should have taken a picture! Next time I will.

So after all that food we had to do some walking so we headed to Hobby Lobby where we kept fondling fabric! Karen tried to lay her head down on some of the fabric so I had to pull her away (actually, I kept petting some of the baby blanket fabric myself!). Then we headed off to Michael's..this was after we stopped at one eye care center that had glass frames starting at over $250! NOT! We did end up at the mall and Karen found some glasses for me. Actually, I found some for her! I should have taken pictures of her in the glasses! Yes, I did bring my camera so I could see what I looked like in them. Didn't help much so I relied on Karen's advice. I think she made a good choice for me! If not, it will give us another excuse to go eye glass shopping!
We did end up with a coffee for the ride home. All in all it was such a nice relaxing day with a friend!!
Speaking of friends, I did go and visit my friend Patty last Friday while the kids were in school. She's doing just 'OK' but was as funny and interesting as always! Her memory is just so sharp and she keeps telling me "you need to do something about your memory, it's terrible." She's right! Patty was asking if I remember when my mom and I visited her when she lived at Somerset apartments. My mom had a Shi-Shu Maltese mixed little dog that we brought with us. Patty's slider door to her balcony patio was open and the little dog went out for a 'walk'. Only the walk ended up being a 'drop'! She fell two stories as we watched her! I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack. I ran down the stairs and fortunately the bushes broke her fall! WHEW! I forgot all about this story until Patty reminded me. We did have a good laugh about it. It wasn't funny at the time but gave us a chuckle.
Today is grocery shopping and Dr's. apt for my annual physical. Maybe some sewing to work on my Inspired by the Masters. Just another wonderful retiree day!

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  1. We did have a very fun and relaxing day. Robbie I think that eclair was closer to 12"! And worth every calorie!


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