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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lenore Crawford Workshop

19 of us worked all day Friday and Saturday at the Lenore Crawford workshop! We had a great time and certainly learned a lot. Here are some pictures of what just some of the ladies did! I'm not going into detail on the'll have to take a workshop from Lenore, if you want to learn more. I'm hoping to finish up my 'fusing' on Sunday so I can start painting my flower! Enjoy!

Lenore is doing a demo on painting our flowers

This is my friend Mary's piece in progress. This pattern has the MOST pieces in it! Glad it was Mary's and not mine! Aren't the colors just great! And her background fabric fits perfect. I think the background might be a snow dyed piece Mary hand dyed this past winter.

These are two finished pieces after painting! Aren't they beautiful! Poppies on the left is by Rhonda Klann and the cone flower is by Sue Matlock.

This is my friend, Carolyn Malaski's work in progress. Carolyn did all the work arranging the workshop with Lenore! We sat across from one another and finally got a chance to talk and catch up!
Now I'm going to show you a piece in progress from start to 'almost' finished. This is Michelle Hudson's work (Michelle belongs to the CCC fiber group that I belong to). This was the start of her cutting fabrics and fusing. She was doing the Poppy pattern by Lenore.

Michelle is all finished fusing her flowers on the background. Look close at the look at the next picture and the bottom flowers!

Check out those flowers! See how much dimension and depth you get from a little paint! Can't wait to see this one finished and quilted! Nice work, Michelle!!

And here is my Dogwood Blossoms! I still have quite a few leaves left to put on then I get to paint! Yea! Can't wait!
All in all a very productive two days! Except I'm getting my sore throat and cough back! I might have to steal some of hubbies antibiotics! My friend Carol T. is sick and she didn't make class yesterday but did come today. Poor kid just didn't feel very well but she did make one blossom (she's making the dogwood pattern as well). Her flower petals are in shades of blue gray..really nice. I didn't get a picture as she left to go home early. Hope she feels better too!!

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