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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flora and Fauna

Temp is 54 @ 7 a.m. but looks really cold out...overcast...windy....and Bob just left for golf. He did get used to golfing later in the day while we were in Florida so I think he's going to make some changes to their schedule.

This is a picture of our Lancelot Crab tree in our front yard. It sits just outside our front door so we see it every day. It's one of my favorite trees as it changes throughout the year. I've always wanted to take pictures of it during the different seasons so my blog is perfect for that. This tree started out as a baby! And look at it now!
So we're sitting in the living room after dinner last night and what comes up to the window but our hummingbird! I didn't have the feeders out yet but we did get them out right away. And our little friends came right back! It was so funny to see them at the window 'asking for food'! This picture was taken through the screen but I'll get better pictures later today. They were already feeding at 6:45 today! I put the camera next to my seat in the living room so I won't miss getting a better shot. We just love watching these little guys. This little guy is hard to see but he's sitting on the right side of the feeder! Better pics to come!
Today I actually feel good enough to start on a project and work on another one. I'm babysitting Amber and Nick from Thursday afternoon until Sunday. The kids are going on their annual 'up north' anniversary trip. I can't believe they'll be married for 19 years this coming week. Dawn and Jeff celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last Friday!! Where do the year's go!!

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