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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

And more stuff

So about a week ago we headed to the Freezer Tiki Bar for Bob's favorite meal.  We picked up Marilyn and John @ 2 and headed off to meet Jan and Larry!  Then to the shrimp!!
 The Freezer  is Bob's most favorite place to eat...even though he doesn't like to eat with his fingers, he does a good job of it!

  And a few shrimp.  To be honest, eating about 5-6 is enough for me!  I won't say how many are in the container but there are a lot!!! And I even brought some home!  That's because Bob bought two containers of shrimp and he ate an entire one himself!

Of course, I had my favorite pretzel!

It was a beautiful day so we ate outside...actually, we didn't have a choice as the inside was packed.  But like I said, weather was beautiful and perfect for eating out!

My favorite part of going to the Freezer is the stop on the way home!  It's to DQ!  Nothing like ending a meal with a Blizzard!

I'm sure we'll be heading to the Freezer at least one more (or more!) time before we head north!  It's tradition!


  1. It’s 7:00 AM as I read this post… are making me hungry!!!

  2. This is definitely a tradition, right down to the DQ dessert! Delish. I am doing better- so glad, thanks! Thought you'd like the post about Q. He's quite a boy. We have had some spectacular days and your trip to the Freezer sure was one of them.

  3. I love food traditions....When we visit New York, we never leave without having Carvel ice cream we grew up with.