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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spoonflower fabric

My grand daughter, Amber, took this picture on her Ipad several weeks ago and emailed it to me.  I thought the picture was pretty interesting so I uploaded to the Spoonflower web site to have printed on fabric.

I didn't want a large piece printed so I chose a fat quarter filled with the image.  This way I thought we could make some snap bags or who knows what! 

This is just a section of the fat quarter which is printed on cotton poplin.  The colors are more blue than the original but I'm still happy with it.  I did send a piece of it to Amber and I think she'll be happy to see her picture on fabric too! 

My hairdresser commented on my coffee cuff I use for carry out coffee, so I decided yesterday to make her one of them.  I had this fabric left over from making a snap bag for Cindy  so I got out my handy dandy circle attachment and got started!

I had to fill in around the square, stitched areas since I decided to make two of them. 

You can see in pictures below, they are similar but different! 

I get the old roots dyed on Friday so I'll let Lauren pick which one she wants and give the other one to the other hairdresser at Plant Cosmo!

Lauren is a really nice young lady...very cute...and does a great job on my hair.

Today has been a laundry and beading day.  It was raining early this a.m. but stopped just before noon.  Bob took off for golf after all!  Go figure!  It's muggy out but Kalee and I did our 1 mile walk anyway.  She's now crashed on the bed in the sewing room as I bead!  Poor dog...what she doesn't know is we are going for another 1 miler after dinner!  She needs the exercise!  OK, so maybe I need the exercise but misery loves company so.......


  1. VERY COOL idea for original Spoonflower print fabric.....

  2. How fun to have the photo put onto fabric. Fun coffee cuffs and great gift for your hairdresser. Kalee will be ready for her second walk. We do love company don't we...